Chandler Burger
project cover-47.jpg


An app designed for the Gator Karate club at the University of Florida, Preparate is a database in which a user can learn karate techniques and form. It is also designed to provide feedback directly through the app, allowing users to practice their form regardless of location. Through Remote Sensei and the EVAL system a user can recieve feedback instantly and effectively, reducing the time commitment for both the sensei and the student. The app allows users to message senseis and set up meetings, and also changes color based on your belt level in-app. Preparate is tailored to the drawbacks of Gator Karate, namely only being able to meet once or twice a week in addition to lack of full-time, proper instruction.


Some of the main screens of the app.


The app backgrounds based on belt level, with white being the lowest and black being the highest level.


The process work for this app consisted of many rounds of wireframes, interaction concepts, sketches and more. A result of a semester long study of the Gator Karate club, I created two versions of this app, the first version of which was deemed too un-intuitive in its menu design. A few screens of this version can be seen at the end of the carousel.