Chandler Burger

Road to ChannelCon

The Road to ChannelCon was a marketing initiative devised to increase our reputability by touring around the country with ITProTV’s partner CompTIA. On the way to CompTIA’s ChannelCon in Las Vegas, we stopped at many different cities, each one requested by an ITProTV member. The plan was, since we are a video production company underneath the IT training, to make a video for each stop, giving recognition to the members who have supported the company through thick and thin. Our CEO purchased a Mercedes Sprinter van to house the team that would be driving across the country making videos, which provided me an amazing opportunity: I got to design the van wrap. In addition to the van, we would need an entire brand to span across all the mediums necessary, such as the webpages for people to sign up for a stop as well as ads and of course, video production graphics. Physical swag and promotional cards were also within the scope of my design responsibilities.


Above are examples of organic ads that I created to recruit members to sign up to be a stop on the road trip, as well as informing said members about where the van was and would be stopping.


The backdrop that was used in the videos for each stop on the Road to ChannelCon.


The swag

We ordered two versions of each swag piece — one blue and one red for ITProTV and CompTIA, respectively.


Detail shot of the koozies and insulated cups.


Promotional cards with a discount code for those who attended the stops on the road trip.

Sample video for one of the stops on the road trip. I created the thumbnail image, lower third graphics and end screen. I also created the intro animation of the van and windshield wipers. The video editing and sound selection was done by our marketing video editor. Each video required a custom thumbnail produced by me.


van wrap proof

Printed proof of the van wrap. From top left: rear of the van, CompTIA branded side, eyebrow (above windshield) piece, front hood piece, and in the bottom right, the ITProTV branded side.


Detail shot of the proof.


Detail shot of the ITProTV-branded side.

Road to channelcon van wrap

The big kahuna of the Road to ChannelCon project — the van wrap. This baby went through several different variations before ending up in its current state. I collaborated with the three other members of the front end design team as well as the Head of Marketing, CCO, CEO, and people from CompTIA.


itprotv side


comptia side