Chandler Burger
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The Conscious Corgi

A storybook collection app engineered to help children learn about social interactions in a supervised setting. This concept, in its first rendition, had only the first story (Big Trouble in Little Park) and was going to concern only the topic of bullying. From there, however, it evolved to incorporate more social situations, as there can only be so many different ways to treat bullying and the stories would have gotten stale. Respecting children's physical boundaries became a theme of No City for Old Dogs due to the prevalence of kids being forced to overstep their comfort zone with strangers and even relatives, a topic not widely discussed. The final story, There Will Be Treats is a simpler idea promoting the concept of sharing with those in need when you have excess. The Conscious Corgi encourages the user to get assistance if they do not understand the questions asked, hence needing a supervisor. After every social interaction Kenny (the main character) goes through, one must answer two questions to help solidify the lessons learned. This app provides a fun, subtle way to help children learn how to treat others. In conjunction with the app, there is Kenny memorabilia in the form of T-Shirts and stickers.



A T-shirt and stickers, the first in a line of The Conscious Corgi-based products.

preview trailer for all three stories


process work

Showcasing some of the sketches for character design, story environments, and menu planning, in addition to some of the story plot ideation. Much of this design was sketched out in response to the research I conducted on how children learn. Children learn best with some kind of supervising figure they can validate their knowledge with, leading me to create this application as an in-class activity.