Chandler Burger

South Lake Stage

In a bold business move, South Lake Stage chose to develop original plays out of the plot pieces of the classics. As such, they needed a brand and logo that effectively communicated this idea of “anagramming” plays. Each play would focus around one major plot point of its source material and its title would be an anagram of the same play. The theatre would run two to three plays per quarter.

BC mockup.jpg
Poster Mockup.jpg

Premiere showing

The premiere showing of South Lake Stage, One Jilted Amour, is based off of the classic Romeo and Juliet. 


The tickets would be purchased via the South Lake Stage app, as shown above.


building mock-up

The theatre building would use vinyl squares to display the logo and would be a juxtaposition of modernity and antiquity.


process work

Some of the sketching process for the logo and seeds of the interchangeability theme seen throughout the work. There were a couple more pages of logo sketching that preceded most of the brand development for this theatre. Challenged to create the logo first, I built the brand around this idea of a children's puzzle for the logo.