Chandler Burger

The Phone Book

The Phone Book is a process book dedicated to the history and cultural development of the cell phone. This research helped inform a projection of the future of cell phones. During the research, I decided to focus on the culture of cell phones within the continent of Africa and how we could possibly improve the use of cell phones there. This project developed out of my love for technology and mobile phones; digging into the past of such a vital part of our society was a pleasure. The book consists of five parts: History, Timeline, Culture, Future, and Works Cited.

dynamo cover.jpg
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table of contents spread

Each section has subheadings in which to more accurately browse and each section is preceded by a full title spread.

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project proposal

The proposal, as explained in the book, consists of an infographic laser cut into 22 x 34 in. Acrylic slabs lit from a blue LED at the bottom; it would be set up on the streets in major cities in Africa. The project aims to educate the general populace about how crucial cell phones are to Africa's current economic development, and how instrumental high tax rates are in repressing this growth. 

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The JPEG file of the poster — provided for easy reading.


process work

Sketches and notes from the creation of the book. The spreads shown were early drafts of the book, the main concepts were retained but much of the design was built upon. Some early ideas for the book included a metal binder for the cover or a book with acrylic panels.